Explore the thrill of wild animals

About Wild Animals

Is a group of wild animals alone without human care, an important part of livestock that cannot abandon for any reason? Considered to one of the most endangered animals in the world. It considered to one of the most endangered animals in terms of fishing, predation and extinction. In this article, we will briefly talk about the most important information about wild animals

The importance of wild animals

There are many environmental, nutritional, and economic and tourist benefits of the presence of such animals, which can described as follows

Helps maintain the ecological balance of the animal world

Take advantage of them in getting dairy, cheeses, and meats in addition to leather, fur, ivory, and horns

Contributes to the preparation of drugs and ointments

A major cause of increased fishing activity

Increase national income, by increasing the area of ​​nature reserves, and thus increase the rate of tourism

Reproduction in wild animals

Reproduction in these types of animals, by the male to do everything to attract the female, as each type of males of these animals has a special way to attract women

Black: Depends on the beauty and length of her hair

Elephants: The male excreted oil on his cheeks, which is characterized by this fluid smell pungent attracts females

Peacock: depends on the color of the feather to attract the female

Elk: depends on attracting females either on large horns, strong and shiny, or on the issuance of high voices

Types of wild animals

Can classify as follows


They called wild animals

 Living in forests, deserts and deserts, away from man

Cause a great danger to man, where man cannot deal directly with them unless they tamed

They are carnivores

Belong to the second group of consumers, depending on the method of nutrition, as they feed on the first consumables, which feed on the products, which are plants

The most important types of wild predators: the lion or the so-called king of the jungle, fox, wolf, bear, leopard, hyena

It can found on all continents of the world. It found in hot desert climates, icy cold polar climates, rain forests, valleys, oceans and lakes

Depends on hunting their prey on clever methods, such as camouflage, sneaking lightly near a prey, or relying on high speed


Are from the first consumer group

It is not carnivorous

Live in the wilderness, deserts, and forests

They do not pose a danger to humans, as they are very afraid of them

Some species can raised and tamed by humans

The most important types of wild animals are rabbits, deer, giraffe, and zebra

Wild animals

 Is a group of animals that live on land alone, and depend on themselves for food and shelter? They do not live under human care and are an important part of livestock, but they are at greater risk than other animals because they are more susceptible to hunting and predation living under human auspices, many of which endangered. Wild animals usually live in places far from human habitation, such as living in forests, desert areas and almost empty areas. They are safer when they live away from humans, because humans have one of the greatest risks, and there many species of wild animals we will learn through this article


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