Life between humans and animal

humans and animal

Perhaps the relationship between humans and animals is as old as history, but we note that there are those who do not like animals and may have a phobia, a disease of illusion and psychological make some people cannot see a cat or a dog or even a beautiful gazelle, a situation that exists in all societies without exception

The shepherds used dogs to protect their herds from the predatory wolves’ attack. We find that the dogs have a special status, even if they mentioned in the Holy Quran. They characterized by loyalty and loyalty to the person who appreciates and preserves them, treats them well and does not harm them

Many children and adults remember the cartoon about cat and mouse, one of the most hostile animals to each other, and we often enjoy the film, which has made major television production companies focus on this aspect to bring viewers of all nationalities and ages

 Does this mean that man has not From films of violence, sex and murder  or those that try to distort the image of the other, as in the case of some Western films, which sees in the Arab man only that looking for pleasure, and forget that the Arabs and Muslims have contributed to the global civilization in various fields, In medicine, engineering, astronomy, chemistry, and geography Raha of science

 In addition, do not forget the contributions of Sina and Ibn Khaldun, a world whose fingerprints still exist despite all attempts to blur them and ignore them by some Westerners, regardless of their religion. Some of these may have seized the ideas. Punish them for their actions in looting the innovations of others

It remains that the human nature of simple, still enjoy the sounds of birds in the early morning, or when the sun deposited the space surrounding it and stand elsewhere announcing the start of a new day, and the activity and work and production, while resting for rest and sleep, he have. When a person sleeps, the dogs guard the house or the farm from any aggression against them. When a stranger or other person not gets use to that dog, he begins barking, a sound that alerts the owner to the presence of something undesirable. Stranger may not save him but the owner of the house

Were cats not sacred animals in ancient Pharaonic civilization, indicating their historical place in human life, and they emphasize the importance of animals in different civilizations throughout the ages.

At present, the loneliness and alienation of Western man has made him care about animals, especially dogs and cats, and takes them as partners in his life to entertain in the deadly unit. It is no surprise that some recommend his enormous wealth to a cat or dog

There is a competition for the most beautiful dog or cat. At the same time, there is a contest for the ugliest dog or cat. In the West, millions of dollars have spent on caring for and caring for them. Many companies have developed for cats and dogs

So the role of veterinarians has emerged, bringing to their thousands thousands of dollars, and there have emerged animal medicines that generate millions of companies.

Nevertheless, there is another negative image, especially dogs, they are fierce and deadly, especially when hungry, and is not unlikely to attack the human and kill him

Does it come to mind why people visit zoos and enjoy watching them in cages, which are only a few meters away? Many of us may travel safari to enjoy our closeness to the animals, those friendly and hostile at the same time, and this is a craving by man for the animal


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