Reasons confirm that raising animals at home is a positive and necessary

raising animals

Many studies have shown that raising pets in the home has a significant impact on human life. Although this phenomenon is not widespread in the world, the demand for the idea has increased and we see more presence of life in homes such as dogs, cats and birds

If you are not a pet lover or their breeder, The Times of India offers you six compelling reasons to rethink your situation and change your mind about one breeding

Pet grooming is a very good source of positive feelings. According to one animal activist Behavin Gathani, the dog hug gives you many positive feelings and reduces your feeling of tension and boredom. Scientificly, communicating with pets leads to the secretion of oxytocin, Stress and anxiety, and reduce blood pressure, as raising pets is mentally beneficial for children

Eliminating depression and feeling insecure are two additional benefits of raising pets, according to Chaconnetla Magumdar, a member of the Animal Welfare Board, who explains, “By spreading unconditional love and affection, pets increase the age of their husbands and make their owners feel happy

Pets eliminate loneliness and promote the socialization of their owners. In addition to sharing time, you get in touch with new people and give you a reason to live for it if you do not have people close enough

Improve your physical and mental fitness by playing with them, dancing with them or even walking out, especially when you do so in the early morning amidst a natural, clean atmosphere

Children are allergic, according to a medical study, children who grow up with puppies and cats are less likely to have allergies and asthma and have strong immunity from them

Keep you working, take care of a pet of course, and you can not depend on someone else to spend on them so they represent a strong incentive to maintain your work and diligence in order to collect more money to ensure the provision of their expenses

Think about the budget you can allocate to the pet. Some animals will be cared for more expensive than others will. For example, a golden fish. All you need is a little nutrition and a small pond. Tropical fish need more equipment, such as a filter and a heater

Larger pets, such as cats and dogs, need plenty of food, a place to stay and play, as well as regular medical examinations and seasonal vaccinations

Know the dynamics of your family before you get a pet. For example, if you have young children, you know the animal that they are not afraid of and at the same time, they can deal with it without violence. Is it possible to leave the animal you chose with them at home alone? And ask yourself, will you have enough time to clean the animal’s place and prepare its food?

Think about the lifestyle you live in, whether it suits your pet or not. For example, if you are traveling as a whole family, choose an animal that can stay alone in the house and only need someone to provide food from time to time, or you can choose an animal that will travel with you

If you have children, make sure that the animal you adopt will be able to deal with children and not fear them or harm them. Whatever type of animal you have decided to adopt, you should ask the seller if it is safe for the children


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