Causes and treatment of skin softening around the eye

skin softening around the eye

Causes and treatment of skin softening around the eye

Tinnitus occurs around the eye due to some of the wrong habits or health problems

and it increases with age, what are the methods of treatment

Skin irritation around the eye causes a disturbing appearance, adds extra years to age

does not require that the cause is age, but other reasons can cause the skin to loosen around the eye

Causes skin sagging around the eye

Here are the most important reasons for the appearance of tics in the skin around the eye

Muscle weakness around the eye

This weakness to relax the tissues, and thus increase the chances of slouching in this region

Lack of vitamins: such as vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin E, this affects the health of the skin and cause skin aging at an early age

Wrong habits in skin care

such as rubbing the eye or applying chemicals constantly and not clean well, and the lack of care around the sensitive eye leads to the emergence of tics

Dryness of the skin

The lack of moisturizing accelerates the wrinkles around the eye and loose skin, and smoking leads to dehydration of the skin and thus the appearance of dilutions

Nightly vigilance

Also drink plenty of stimulants and beverages that contain caffeine such as coffee and soft drinks

Do not eat a balanced diet

Contains all the important nutrients for the health of the body and skin, negligence in food accelerate the emergence of signs of aging and skin deterioration

Re-exposure to the sun

Do not apply sunscreen on the skin to maintain, as the direct sunlight causes many problems in the skin, including skin softening

How to prevent skin sagging around the eye

There are ranges of preventive measures that reduce the likelihood of the appearance of skin lashes in the area surrounding the eye, namely

Eat a healthy diet integrated: This is the basis for maintaining the skin and skin and prevent the emergence of dilutions. The daily diet should contain fruits and vegetables, and antioxidants contribute to the health of the skin

Avoid bad habits that lead to the appearance of tics: such as rubbing the eye strongly

applying makeup on a daily basis without washing it well, as well as smoking is one of the most harmful habits to health and skin

Wear sunglasses

If you go out at a time when the sun rises, and you must apply sunscreen in all seasons and times

Early sleep

so that the eye and around it are not exposed to stress, causing the appearance of dark circles and drooping around the eye

Preserving the moisture of the skin: The lack of drought

which leads to many problems in the skin, through the application of natural skin recipes along with moisturizing cream

Attention should also pay to drinking enough water daily to ensure overall body moisture maintained

Methods of treatment Skin sagging around the eye

In the case of the beginning of the tarsal skin in the area surrounding the eye, it recommended that

Massage the area around the eye gently

Continue this massage in a circular way for a few minutes, repeating this daily


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