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On the sidelines of life


Death and His Conversations

Talking about death and death is a nightmare in itself for many people, playing death to some politicians and a profitable trade for many hidden arms dealers and forbidden dealers

“We will all die, we will all die, this circus is enough to make one of us love the other, but we do not do it,” Bukowski wrote in his writings

I remember when my close friend wrote a letter calling for hope and happiness, but in the end, he mentioned words about life and death. He said that only those who fear life and who have lived their life simply enjoying it fear death

He also reminded me that all life is a different color copy of the forms of one kind of survival mystery is death. Everyone on the earth is dead, they love dead, dead die with dead, dead die, and death kills dead, and death prevents them from meeting the dead, so why abandonment and adversity as long as all of them are dead

                                                                                                             :Ease of dealing

If life is sustenance, all its benefits are as far as known, and a definite livelihood is, death meets us, and it is a livelihood when we are out of a living. The happiness of the world comes from the simplicity of dealing with it because happiness is only a temporary sensation that comes when you want it, and it leaves when you do not want it

True happiness emanates in the self when escaping from all that is the cause of grief and pain until the source of pain is renewed and so to the total surrender of sadness

Escape to self and reconcile with it

To get a temporary happiness run away, you have to escape from yourself to yourself, from all your past to him, but with a new spirit that is stronger and more able to govern and resist in order to change the future but with a different outlook.

Run away when you realize and be sure that you must succeed and achieve above what you dream but do not know where this success run away to any distant place even if you are in the far north of Africa, and went to the south will succeed, but on condition that you run away

Those who lived in the journey of escape with himself reconciled with it was able to overcome all external obstacles and frustrations that do not build, but vice versa, as psychologists say: The only person you live with him all your life is yourself, so reconciling with yourself is a priority before anything because if you In an internal conflict she will never live comfortably

The purpose and type of importance

To live a meaningful life must linked to a particular goal, but when you lose this goal, grief saddened the most absolute, the absolute fact that the goal that we wanted or wished him had no goal, that the content and content around which life is empty in its origin.

What a farce, life is a farce, we should not forgive her more than her right or occupy our thinking because it is all for God

Life, including good, evil, right, wrongness, difference and agreement, and all forms of transformation and change, whether predictable or unexpected, must accepted, because at this time they are the sum of nothing and equal to anything.

The repetition of failure is a beautiful introduction to something beautiful in life, meaning that the person who is experiencing many failures in his or her life is the person who can achieve a great deal of success, or can continue to fail if he has enough fear for fear only as a goal

On the margin of life sometimes God sprouts within every soul shattered hope plant changes with it everything and every reality I thought it will not change, and will not turn into what is better and more beautiful, God’s kindness and appreciation is broader and broader than all meanings of distress and grief and pessimism


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