Precautions of sex during pregnancy


Sex is not a serious risk to the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus

but women must make certain precautions before considering sex during pregnancy

After hearing the news of the pregnancy

the wife should consult the female doctor regarding sexual practice, as there are natural pregnancies and do not concern the practice of intimacy

In other cases

the doctor advises that she does not have sex during the first period of pregnancy or sets some rules and conditions for this practice so as not to affect maternal and fetal health

Is sex safe during pregnancy

As long as the doctor does not warn the couple to have sex during pregnancy

there is no problem of intimacy, as it is an essential part of marital life and a sense of happiness and pleasure on both sides

The child has good intrauterine protection and not harmed by sexual contact

Precautions of sexual intercourse during pregnancy

In general, there are some things to consider when having sex during pregnancy, including

Do not overuse: You do not have too much

because there is a fetus in your mother’s womb, and a pregnant woman needs rest more than any other time. Sex should not be a burden on her

Do not have sex in case you do not want to: As the pregnant woman goes through many stages, and may not want to have sex because she feels tired or poor mental state

the husband to take into account these things

Women’s lust for sex is often lower in the first half of pregnancy and increases in the second half of pregnancy. Nevertheless, this cannot be generalized

because in the last months of pregnancy the belly becomes large and sex is uncomfortable for some women

In the first trimester of pregnancy – a period of sexual calm after the storm – the sexual desire of many women declines and they have initial problems such as nausea and fatigue

fear – especially in the first weeks of pregnancy – of fetal exposure During the sex process
However, medicine denies the risk of miscarriage and miscarriage during this period, unless the wife has a bleeding, according to the German website

In the second trimester, from the 16th week to the 30th week of pregnancy, the period of the woman’s feeling of vitality and femininity

the pregnant woman becomes accustomed to her new state and begins to feel the movements of her fetus and experience a greater sense of femininity

Damage to the fetus because of the sexual process, which also worries the husband

By the way, most couples find the stomachs of their wives at this stage very exciting, and doctors believe that physical proximity, massage, and caresses are important for the couple, especially during pregnancy, does not necessarily mean intercourse

However, they warn of some cases that may make it necessary completely abstain from sex and may lead to miscarriage or premature birth, for example: when the cervix opens prematurely, which not considered dangerous in itself.

Also, abstinence from sex in cases of bleeding, in the case of recurrent fetal fall in the past

and in pregnancy with several embryos at the same time, as well as in the case of genital infections and chronic diseases such as diabetes


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