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Strange and funny ways to celebrate Halloween all over the world

Halloween all over the world

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays in the world, and we invite you to celebrate it through these Halloween traditions

Strange and funny ways to celebrate Halloween all over the world
Strange and funny ways to celebrate Halloween all over the world

Halloween is an annual celebration held in various countries of the world, usually on October 31. What distinguishes Halloween from other traditional holidays? Halloween celebrates the dead, which may sound bleak, but in fact, it can be fun!

There are great differences in the ways people celebrate this day, and the ways to celebrate from lighting candles in the balconies of houses to wearing witches-like clothes in addition to eating many sweets. Here we will look at the history of Halloween and the associated language, and highlight many different ways to celebrate this holiday around the world. It is not important in any country to celebrate this festival, there are new words and phrases you will learn, and many wonderful traditions that you will discover

History of Halloween

It believed that Halloween was a pure American holiday, but in fact, it was much older than the United States of America itself! It is believed that the people of the Philippines in the festivals and popular festivals and paganism, which was held at this time of the year in the country-speaking Celtic languages ​​such as Scotland and Ireland

Halloween in the language

The word Halloween means a sacred night or holy evening, which is essentially a shortened word for the evening of all saints. It may seen as the eve of all saints

Halloween is the name given on Eve – the evening that precedes – Halloween. It coincides with the time of the year in the Christian calendar, which dedicated to the commemoration of the dead including the saints

There are many words and phrases associated with Halloween that differ from each other depending on the country in which they are located in the world

 We will let you know some of them here, so you can get to know this holiday better, and take part in the celebration and fun yourself

Traditions around the world


Let us start where everything started. Many of the customs here celebrated in the United Kingdom, the United States and other English-speaking countries. Fire will found all over the country, especially in rural areas. These fires are large fires that lit in the open air and traditionally used in ceremonies

Children and adults also wear clothes, often as scary as characters, ghosts, magicians, or skeletons, and go cheating or eating. This means they move from house to house throughout the area, knocking on doors and asking people foods, usually snacks, chocolate and sweets. When people open their doors, children shout “trick or food!” In addition, if they not given food they can deceive the person by performing a small joke on him

People often eat some special foods in Halloween. In Ireland, prawnpark is a famous type of Halloween cake, containing food wrapped in gauze that baked inside it, and it said that the prairieprak can tell the future of the person who is eating it. If a ring found inside, it means that the person will soon be married. If a person finds a piece of straw, it means that he is going to have a lucky year


The celebrations in America are no different from others. In addition to the trick or food, they also have some games and treasure hunt. Apple picking is also one of the most popular games where some apples placed in a large bowl filled with water and the children take the bowl alternately in an attempt to pick up an apple with their mouths without using their hands

Americans also use jack lanterns or decorative work. These lanterns made by emptying the contents of the pumpkin fruits and carving faces and then lighting them with a candle inside. The pumpkin residue used to make a pie that stocked with halo or pumpkin soup. In Ireland and Scotland, people often use rapeseed in the same way


In Austria, people like to feed the dead. It is their custom to leave bread, water and a lighted lamp on the table before going to bed on Halloween. They offer these things to the souls of the dead that may return to earth that night


In Belgium, people light candles in Halloween to commemorate dead friends and relatives. They also have many black cats on this day, and they think it is unfortunate that one of them enters your house or crosses one of them in front of you


The celebration of Halloween in China known as Tang Chih. The Chinese leave food and water beside pictures of friends and relatives who have left the world. Law boats are made of paper in Buddhist temples, burned during the night, while lanterns lit all over the country. They said to be practicing these fire traditions to help the Britas, the souls of the dead, to find their way home


The Germans celebrate Halloween as a feast for all saints, and the celebration lasts for a whole week running from 31 October to 8 November. They also spend time in the church to honor the saints who died, as well as visiting the graves of their loved ones. There is also a more unusual tradition in Germany where people hide their knives on Halloween to save lives that return to Earth during this time


There is no country celebrating Halloween better than Mexico. In fact, the Mexicans celebrate the Day of De Los Martos or the Feast of the Dead, which they have for several days from 31 October to 2 November. It is truly a celebration of all the souls, where people can remember their departed loved ones and celebrate their lives


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