How to enjoy good health after the age of forty

care of the body

The basics of body care may be simpler than you think, but they need to be diligent and serious. Here are the steps to take care of the body to save you from future diseases

How to enjoy good health after the age of forty

We take our healthy habits from what we have learned from our experiences and environment

so it may be useful to review these habits and investigate their accuracy

We provide you with the most important steps to take care of your body and appearance


Doctors recommend that adults get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day, not in vain, as this amount is equivalent to the need for the body to sleep and rest

Lack of sleep can lead to sleep disorders and physical illnesses, affecting your mood, concentration, memory, immune strength, libido, weight gain, and depression

If you do not get enough sleep, provide half an hour of sleep each time to fix your routine


In fact, although we are talking about the health and beauty of the body

but we do not mention nutrition from the door of the diet and body beautiful, but the health and quality of food

Nutrition has become very complicated lately

as different foods have become the result of industry and manufacture, and the handling of objects has become different with the various foods

However, there are some commonalities we all have to keep: sugar reduction, fruit and vegetable intake, and a specific range of healthy foods such as whole grains or browns

Try to break any unhealthy habits in your diet such as: frequent frying, frequent salt or even sugar

Keep the space waterproof

Do you think you may be suffering from dehydration? Drought, however simple and in its early stages, can affect the level of energy in your body

Until now, the doctor recommends that you drink the equivalent of two liters of water a day to avoid dehydration

However, if you are an active person or exercise physically, quantity is not enough, but you should increase it and use moist foods

Start by getting used to clear stations of the day to drink water, such as when you wake up, an hour before sleep, after exercise, half an hour before eating

Activity and sport

Many people relate exercise and activity to the issue of weight loss, so they put it in the aesthetic field

However, the role of sport is much more than just keeping your hips or stomach tight

Exercise contributes to the fight against diseases such as high blood pressure, depression, types of cancer, stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes

Sports also trigger hormones that promote happiness and relaxation, as well as improve your sexual performance and the quality of your sleep

In order to be active without feeling sports as a heavy duty, decide to become more active, and for example to put your car in a remote position

replace the elevator with stairs, move and play with your children at home

Health of your teeth

Is it reasonable that we ask you to take care of your teeth for your body? Do you think that the initial should be for the loss of some weight, for example?

You may not believe that gum disease is scientifically associated with heart disease and low age, and it directly affects your weight

The poorer your health, the lower your ability to chew well and thus gain weight

Do not use the toothbrush to clean your teeth. Use the thread until the dentist’s next appointment

Psychological health

Your mental health is one of the most powerful influences on your body’s health as well. For example, anxiety or depression may reflect in sleep disorders that in turn develop into physical illnesses

Keep the real social space in your life, your friends, take a walk to relieve your stress and express what bothers you to keep others healthy


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