The risk of hypothyroidism on health


Thyroid is one of the most important parts of the body, as any defect in it leads to many health problems

Thyroid screening is one of the most important tests that should perform to assure health, as any disorder causes health complications if not treated

How does the thyroid affect all members of the body

Thyroid gland secretes hormones important to the body, namely

Calcification hormone: which regulates the level of lime in the blood

Thyroid: a hormone responsible for the regulation of burning in the body

Risks of non-treatment of thyroid gland

Learn about the most prominent diseases that can cause thyroid problems in the long term

Heart disease

Thyroid problems can lead to heart disease, such as irregular heartbeat, whether slow or fast, causing weakness in the heart muscle

It can also increase the level of harmful cholesterol, and accumulate fluid around the heart, in addition to the incidence of atherosclerosis

The patient then forced to have a heart operation, if a problem is found to cause by thyroid disorders


There may be abnormal swelling in the base of the neck, affecting breathing and the ability to swallow normally

This swelling occurs because of an unresolved thyroid problem, which damages the thyroid gland and swells

He often needs surgery, with a commitment to taking thyroid therapy

Infertility and low fertility

Thyroid secretions are important for the growth of the egg, when it damaged

ovulation affected in women. For men, hypothyroidism affects sperm production

Therefore, the most important tests required by the doctor in the case of a problem with childbearing is analysis of the thyroid gland to ensure that it functions without any health problems

Although thyroid disorders are responsible for infertility, the doctor begins to prescribe appropriate treatments to eliminate these disorders, so fertilization and pregnancy can occur

Because the thyroid gland has an effect on the growth of the brain and body, any deficiency may expose the fetus to birth defects and mental problems

Impact on mental health

In case of constant stress, anxiety, or depression, the patient should have a thyroid test, because it may cause some mental and psychological problems

This has proven by many studies, as neglecting the treatment of thyroid can lead to many psychological problems, notably depression, and lack of thyroid difficulty in concentration

Doctors therefore ask people with mental disorders and depression to check the thyroid gland because treatment is a major part of treating the psychological problem

Problems of puberty

Children and adolescents with thyroid dysfunction face a number of problems, such as late puberty, poor mental development, and irregular menstrual cycle

In these cases, treatment taken to help compensate for hypothyroidism that does not produce enough hormones in quantities needed by the body


Peripheral neuropathy can occur because of hypothyroidism.

 Damage to the peripheral nerves connecting the brain, spinal cord and other organs, such as the arms and legs

This explains that hypothyroidism causes fluid retention, resulting in tissue swelling and compression on peripheral nerves

Eye and eye problems and vision problems

When hyperthyroidism and treatment neglected, some negative effects begin to appear, such as eye jaws, corneal complications and vision problems

Thyroid disorders also affect the energy and activity of the body, the patient tends to laziness, inactivity, and lack of exercise of daily tasks, in addition to the appearance of fatigue and exhaustion always on the patient


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