happy halloween

The strangest facts do not know about Halloween


 And the way to celebrate it by wearing strange clothes and masks scary

The strangest facts do not know about Halloween

and the use of tricks, and tell stories and myths about ghosts and their journey during the night, and shown on TV and cinema horror movies scary

Halloween coincides with Halloween on the same day

, so it is a World Day of Celebration where Western institutions and official circles close their doors to celebrate the feast

 The streets and houses in the United States adorned with dumplings, celebrated by all sects

religions and cultures there, and the cause of the strange robes worn by everyone on this feast, so as not to recognized by evil spirits

 Where the story says that on the night of the feast return all the spirits of the world of turban to the ground, and stay until dawn

 There is weather in the feast called “trick or mother” so that the young people move from house to house-collecting sweets in bags and baskets carrying them in their pack

and who opposes giving sweets to children hit by the curse of evil spirits and anger

Light robberies also spread throughout the holiday

such as wood, doors and others. People believe that evil spirits spread in the place and steal them

 Also, the celebration of the West coincides with Halloween, celebrating the autumn, increasing the excitement of the scene

and the spirits stripped the trees of leaves, and the use of pumpkins and carving faces and adding wax to it was a ritual of the celebration of autumn by the priests of Gaul

“So that they will hold a major celebration by the autumn of October 31st and extend into the evening of November 1

The prevailing idea at this autumn celebration was that

the great god of death, called upon all the spirits that died during the year and punished that her life goes on in the bodies of animals to descend to the ground and roam back and forth

 The idea itself was terrifying to make the gullible people ignite a great fire to frighten and remove those spirits and circulate around them

Hence the idea of ​​Halloween, and it is usually used to people to celebrate it

but the myth of this holiday and the stories that have been around him still some believe in the remote and simple countries

We offer you facts you do not know about Halloween

Halloween is a mixture of Christian and pagan traditions

The state of Alabama in the United States of America prevented residents from wearing scary clothes and masks

as well as prevented from impersonating the priest, rabbi, or nun in Halloween

Jack lantern or pumpkin light, which is the most important tradition of Halloween

carved primarily from rapeseed and not from pumpkin

The use of Jack’s Lantern goes back to the legend of Jack the Scoundrel. The legend says that Jack the scoundrel does not stand up to Satan

Satan cannot, through these tricks

take him to hell and Jack the Scoundrel should have toured the earth with a piece of coal in a piece of Turnip “Lantern Jack” in order to light his way and here came the use of Lantern Jack

The use of tricks and the wearing of Halloween masks and scary masks dates back to the 19th century and was first used in Scotland

“Silly String” is one of the Halloween traditions that adults and young adults can not play in Hollywood. If you do, you will be fined $ 1,000

  1. Halloween in Ireland is linked to the Barm Bracket cake, as well as to money and sticks

There is no record of any child dying on Halloween because of Halloween candy

There is a Halloween tradition called “Trick or Candy”, a tradition in which sweets are distributed to disobedient children and those who do not give sweets to sweets, the evil spirits get angry at him

A “trick or a candy” tradition of Halloween in Mexico uses the phrase “Can you give me my little skull”? It points to a sugar skull, one of the tricks used in Halloween in Mexico

In the United States, $ 2 billion is spent on Halloween candy every year


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