Foods that regulate women’s hormones

women's hormones

Women suffer more than men do from disorders of their body hormones, especially in adulthood, during pregnancy, and in menopause

Nutritionists have conducted important research into which some foods have the potential to help women regulate their hormone disorders

These foods may enrich women’s intake of hormonal medications with harmful side effects

One of the most important foods that regulate the work of hormones


It helps greatly to rid the body of harmful estrogen that enters the body with processed foods and insecticides

Sweet potato

It is rich in amino acids known as tryptophan, and tryptophan known to help relieve stress caused by high cortisol

Potatoes also contain a large amount of slow-digesting carbohydrates. Carbohydrates produce serotonin (the hormone of happiness) that helps improve mood and helps women to reduce over-eating

Salmon Fish

These fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that improve hormone levels in the body

These fish also contain high levels of amino acids necessary to form the body’s proteins

Fish also contain low saturated fat

The presence of proteins in the body helps reduce the appetite of women to eat sugars, and helps the body to produce the testosterone necessary to balance with the hormone estrogen

(Sugar-Free Milk (Greek Milk

This type of milk contains high protein, calcium, magnesium, potash and vitamin 6B. Therefore, this type of milk helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue and fatigue, and reduces the desire to eat sugars and improve mood


The berries help reduce the body’s harmful hormone estrogen, purify the digestive system, nourish the liver, and reduce the appetite for sugars that, if increased, lead to hormonal disorders in the body and lead to weight gain

Roasted almonds

Which improves mood, increases the bodies metabolic rate, because it contains a large amount of proteins, vitamin 6B, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium

Leafy vegetables

In addition, it reduces the sense of fatigue and fatigue, because it reduces the amount of estrogen harmful to the body

Leafy vegetables reduce anemia because they contain chlorophyll, minerals and vitamins

Pickled vegetables

Especially cabbage because they are rich in proboscis that improve mood, increase the rate of hormones, reduce the amount of harmful estrogen of the body, and combat anemia


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