Dog Flu: Symptoms of colds in dogs and methods of treatment

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A virus that identified in 2004 in Florida and given the name H3N8 causes colds in dogs or dog flu


The virus characterized by respiratory infection and is highly contagious

What are the symptoms of colds in dogs

Common symptoms in colds for dogs are as follows

Coughing or coughing in dogs

Runny nose (sneezing in dogs)

Loss of appetite and weight loss

Fever and fever

Redness of the eye with sometimes-teary discharge

General weakness and a state of inactivity and anxiety (the dog will refuse to eat and play and will sit in a lonely place)

If the dog infected with influenza, two types of symptoms will appear depending on the severity of the virus and its ability to cause damage to the dog

Symptoms of flu in the average dog

The dog will have some known symptoms of flu, such as coughing or coughing, sometimes the cough will be wet and dry, and other times will be dry, as you may see some secretions from the nose

Symptoms will last for 10 days to a maximum of 30 days and symptoms may disappear without any treatment for the dog

Symptoms of acute flu in dogs

In the case of colds in dogs in the acute form, the symptoms will be clearer with a rise in temperature significantly (the temperature of the body of the dog above 40 degrees Celsius)

In addition, the symptoms will develop quickly. You will notice signs of pneumonia on the dog, and the dog may experience bleeding from the nose or mouth during coughing or coughing

The reason for the presence of blood is that the flu virus affects the capillaries of the lungs and affects them so the dog may experience breathing difficulties and may show coughing accompanied by blood

In some of the more advanced cases, bacterial infection may occur in conjunction with viral infection, which increases the complexity of the condition and prolongs the treatment period

How the disease diagnosed in a veterinary clinic

If you notice any of these symptoms on your dog, you should go to your nearest veterinary clinic for tests to keep your pet healthy

The veterinarian will perform a physical examination of the dog to see the development of the disease and determine the appropriate treatment, and may require some cases to analyze the full blood image, which shows an increase in the number of white blood cells

In advanced cases or in the case of deterioration of health of the dog completely may need to do the work of radiation TV on the lungs if the infection developed into acute pneumonia, so we always recommend that you check your dog at the beginning of any abnormal symptoms and not neglect until they develop

How to Treat Dog Flu

Most cases of influenza treated in the middle stage, in case you can detect symptoms quickly and go to your veterinarian to determine the treatment

Your veterinarian will prescribe some antibiotics, with some medications that act as an anti-cough or cough. The doctor also recommends that the dog be completely relaxed and isolated from other dogs because the flu is contagious among dogs and some of them

If the infection develops into a severe form, the veterinarian will prescribe a broad-spectrum antibiotic, and the dog will need to supply it with fluids and supplements to fight the virus. In addition, may need to host treatment until the full recovery of the disease

How can you prevent your dog from colds

Always keep your dogs in the garden or in other places where you can gather dogs. You should monitor the behavior of other dogs as well as monitor your dog’s behavior and monitor health signs after returning from outside the home

There some types of vaccinations that specifically manufactured for dog flu but are not widespread and should take under very large precautions

Is dog flu infectious to humans

Fortunately, the virus that causes dog flu not transmitted to humans, so do not worry about it when your dog exposed to colds

In general, if your dog is infected, follow the general safety rules by washing your hands with running water for 30 seconds while not exposing children to infected dogs


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