Worms in Dogs Symptoms, treatment and prevention

Dogs Symptoms

Worms in dogs are one of the most common infections in different dogs, but how do you know that your dog infected with worms

When you go with your dog to the veterinary clinic, your veterinarian may examine a sample of dog droppings under the microscope to see if your dog infected with worms, which is an internal parasite that affects dogs and cats alike


The most common types of worms in dogs 




Finally tapeworms

If your dog has worms, you can see them with the naked eye if they are ringworms or tapeworms. Other species cannot seen with the naked eye

Symptoms of worms in dogs

If the dog infected with any type of worms, whether ringworms, hookworms, or others, you will notice some symptoms that indicate the presence of worms in the dog’s stomach, which are as follows

Diarrhea, which is sometimes mixed with blood . Read: bloody diarrhea in dogs

Weight loss significantly

Dry hair and pruning

Signs of stress appear on the dog

Funging or rearing in dogs and showing some worms

The emergence of some worms adhering to the hair of the dog especially at the back

Although these symptoms sometimes appear but the dog may be infected with worms and do not show these symptoms or may appear very few of them

Even more, larvae and helminthes may remain latent inside the dog’s stomach and appear at different intervals

For example, if the dog is infected with tension and fear may appear infection worms Read: My dog ​​is cowardly solution. Causes of fear in dogs and treatment

Some dogs infected with ringworm and hookworm may appear to infected only in the final stage of pregnancy so we always recommend vaccinating dogs before marriage and pregnancy

Why does your veterinarian check your stool sample for dogs

Diagnosis of the presence of worms in dogs early is one way to treat the infection, so knowledge of intestinal worms that affect the dog and its types contribute significantly to the treatment of dog worms and prevent the aggravation of infection

The veterinarian examines the stool sample under the microscope, adding some special solutions to see worms and worm eggs in the dog’s feces

Many veterinarians also add a stool test to your dog’s annual checklist to make sure there no infection or latent larvae, which helps keep the dog healthy

Worm eggs do not appear under the microscope, but you may see them in the form of rice granules attached to the back of the dog or dog hair around the backside

How treat dogworms. Drontal medication for dogs

Treatment of dogworms is very possible at various stages of infection, whether the infection is early or in later stages

Your veterinarian will check your dog and find out the weight until the safe and appropriate doses of the drug prescribed for the best result

In most cases, Drontal is used to treat worms in dogs, but in some other cases the veterinarian may decide to use different medical preparations

Often the types of worms that infect your dog may need a special treatment, as in some cases there is no single drug to get rid of all types of worms in dogs fully

Prevention of worms in dogs and puppies

In order to protect your dog from infection with various types of worms, you should follow some steps that will help

Do not allow your dog to smell or eat waste in parks and parks

Remove your dog’s excrement immediately from your home or balcony, and do not leave it until the worm larvae are living

Use drontal tablets as an example periodically every three months

Be sure to protect your dog from insects, especially fleas, because it may transfer worm’s larvae to the blood in your dog and thus the infection


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