Causes of intolerance


Causes of intolerance


Intolerance is defined as the feeling that the individual is right and that others are wrong and leads to the occurrence of differences, attitudes and practices of aggression towards others, such as their lack of respect for their rights and recognition

One of the qualities characterizing a fanatic is his love of authority and imposition of his opinion, his tendency to violence to achieve his goals, , And intolerance in dealing with issues, and arrogance, and different forms of intolerance; it is religious, political, social, ethnic and tribal intolerance, and we will learn in this article about the causes of intolerance and its symptoms and treatment

Causes of intolerance

A person’s sense of inferiority is considered one of the most important reasons that cause a person’s intolerance and aggression
Lack of knowledge and ignorance, and the lack of awareness or access to the facts, where ignorance is a reason to distort the truth, as we are witnessing in our time in the fight against Islam and the suspicion, rejection and rejection by the Western media

The sanctification of a particular person as an elder or group, which makes the individual does not accept a different opinion of their views and does not listen to others
Extremist ideas created by groups and sects that incite violence and discredit those who disagree with i
Where the family is the nucleus of society, and the emergence of the individual in a family of gender or color is a

cause of intolerance

Understanding the texts of religion in the wrong way, leading to a deviation in religion
The absence of a goal in the life of the individual or cause clings to
Lack of communication skills with others, conducting dialogue and accepting dissenting opinion, lack of fairness, justice, and non-defense of the oppressed and abuse of others against a person in the absence of the ethics of the individual leading to intolerance
Love of personal interests and love of self, where the individual defends people who have certain interests with each other, even if they are wrong
The tendency for hostile methods of obtaining rights is the result of inequality and justice in society
The development of the individual to accept the views of others falls on the family in the first place and on the school that creates generations and in mosques

Methods of freedom from intolerance

Stay away from biased and misleading mediaTrain the self to accept the views of others and respect and accept their advice and advice, especially adults who have extensive experience in life, and must accept criticism and recognition of error
Understand religious teachings well, and accept other religions and cultures
Stay away from temptation
Help others and help them and benefit from their experiences
Defending the truth and wasting falsehood in a constructive dialogue
Do not despise others, insult them and respect their feelings
The role of the family in raising the children together so that they do not use obscene words and insult others, and encourage them to know Islamic values ​​and religious teachings


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