Failing is not what kills dreams, but suspicion


Failing is not what kills dreams, but suspicion

Richard Branson, a well-known businessman and founder of the Virgin Group, which has about 360 companies, talks in a personal statement about people killing their dreams by questioning and questioning them

Richard points out that he heard the quote from Susie Kassem, the film director, writer and poet, That sentence thinks at length, and suggests that experience and failure are not what kill dreams but self-doubt

The story usually starts with someone thinking that his idea is amazing, then he soon realizes the difficulties around her, and begins to question and doubt the possibility of achieving it, until it is canceled and dumped in the trash, after it was launched with unprecedented enthusiasm, because of the huge amount of doubts about the Difficulty of implementation

Branson also refers to this trap when he started his company, and indicates that he tried to discover the difficulties that will face him, and his decision to maintain self-doubt of his ability to implement away from it

To address these concerns, Branson is advised to follow these steps

Without your thoughts

As soon as you shine an idea in your head and feel like a spark, and you are intrigued and excited to work on it, be open to all possibilities, and believe that everything is possible, and at this point make sure that everything is recorded on paper and that all your thoughts are bad or good , Record them all, you do not know which of them will be useful to you later

Focus on solutions No constraints

When you start the research to implement your idea, you will inevitably find obstacles, and the point here is not to focus on the negatives, but on this challenge to the opportunity to discover your abilities, and to find ways to solve your problem, and continued to try to find it. This is the hardest step, and many companies are giving in at this point

Take a break

Branson advises you to get a break with a cup of tea, and Branson points out that he often shines solutions while exercising or during a break with his family. Branson points out that when you find a solution you feel your spirits start to rise and optimism returns to you again and the momentum returns to you, and that is what makes you implement the idea and not to doubt yourself

Branson concludes by saying

Keep believing that the only thing that prevents you from executing is you


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