Towards a realistic view of success


Towards a realistic view of success

The word “success” follows us everywhere, and the means of social communication contribute to simplifying concepts of success and romanticizing stories about it

which cause frustration to many who do not know what is going on behind the scenes, and then think that they are “failed

Exaggeration and exaggeration, and even a great simplification in those stories, focusing on repeating these successful stories, and ignoring the thousands of other stories of failure

which people do not publish them in public, of course, making success stories seem natural and obvious with everyone

Facebook opens up and finds your friend’s photos, celebrating his driving certificate, for example, publishing his paper at an international conference in a distant country, or maybe his picture. He traveled to another country for a lecture, then to another university scholarship and so on

Have you opened Facebook and once found a picture of someone who has posted that he failed the driving exam, for example

Have you read a leaflet about someone who is refusing to publish his article? Or someone who tells you about his big loss in his startup? Or did you find someone to talk about the difficulties of the road he faced? Did you read a publication saying, for example

It took me a year of preparation to write this publication, or find a celebration as if it is very simple and does not require more than hours of work!

Social media contribute to the promotion of the iceberg summit only in success stories, especially with a tendency to promote shortening, spreading achievements and collecting lycas for a sense of psychological comfort

So people see only the tip of the iceberg, and unfortunately do not notice its large base. One of them reads one of them a scholarship or a prize suddenly, and does not read about the years before that person spent studying the language and presenting the TOEFL exam, for example

Someone reads about someone starting a job in a company and does not hear about dozens of rejection messages that have reached that person, about whether he has been a year without work, or about his great efforts to learn new techniques

In fact, linking everything to a word of success is really annoying and has become trite, especially when it is coupled with the tradition of others’ achievements. Peer pressure, especially with Facebook, puts psychological pressure on a person’s success by imitating the successes of others and forgetting success is personal To another

In the past, we were driven to succeed in order to compare our children’s cousins, neighbors’ children and children’s children no more, and no matter how many, they would not reach 20 at the best of times

Today, every person has at least 400 Vespucci friends, whom he does not even know personally, reads every day their achievements (which may be fictitious), and sees their best pictures (which come after at least 10 failed images) and thus gets social pressure Direct and haste to simulate their successes, and that his only success is in simulating it no more. He sees some of the votes that have won scholarships

He believes that success is to complete the study, and overlooks that he does not see dozens of successful people in another job because they simply do not have time to write on Facebook so they do not notice them at all

It is not always possible to summarize and repeat these stories. They are just stories that mimic the circumstances of their owners. Is naive, and makes us afraid of failure because we fear the judgment of others


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