Ways to treat mouth ulcers

treat mouth ulcers

Ways to treat mouth ulcers

 Mouth ulcers

The mouth ulcers appear in the inner wall, which is somewhat painful

It may be difficult for people to eat some foods. There are foods that increase their pain, such as lemons

The mouth ulcers usually disappear after a maximum of 10 days

Is an indication of a disease or lack of some food in the body, and although mouth ulcers may disappear without treatment but there are some treatments that help to accelerate the recovery and disposal, and we will provide oral ulcer treatment during this article

Ways to treat mouth ulcers

Avoid eating spicy foods and spices as well as not eating crisps such as chips
The rinsing with a solution of water and salt is one of the things that helps to soothe the ulcers, discourage its severity and disinfection, and it is repeated more than once during the day
A lotion solution is used with water and baking soda to ease the pain and accelerate its recovery. The rinsing is repeated 3-4 times during the day
Equal amounts of baking soda and toothpaste are mixed and a few are placed on the ulcer in the mouth, which in turn contributes to faster healing
Fresh onions are used to treat mouth ulcers because they contain a large amount of sulfur, which helps to treat ulcers
The sage plant helps in the treatment of ulcers by grinding the sage leaves and placing them directly on the ulcer, as well as can be rinsed boiled sage after it cools
Eat foods or drinks rich in vitamin C for the ability to treat many ulcers and injuries
Peppermint oil helps to relieve soreness and irritation
Non-natural remedies can be used to prevent ulcers, and there is a medical adhesive in the pharmacy that anesthetizes and reduces pain by covering it with contact

Cases where you should see your doctor

If it is painless and not cured after a maximum of 20 days, it can be an indicator of oral cancer
If ulcers are larger than the size of normal ulcers
If repeated over short periods of time
If its appearance is accompanied by sore throat
Causes of mouth ulcers
Lack of vitamins and minerals in the body
Biting the mouth from the inside while chewing food
Ulcers may appear as side effects due to some medications
Gastroenteritis can lead to oral ulcers
Mouth ulcers appear in some women during the menstrual period
Ulcers may appear due to anxiety and extreme stress


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