You do not need funding to start with your idea

need funding

You do not need funding to start with your idea

Some time ago someone told me that he had a great idea

and that if he did, it would be a very profitable project, but he only had a small obstacle: all he needed was “land, production line, and good capital”

Some say that he can not start any idea without adequate funding

“I need a lot of money to start a very large company directly,” he says

“In this cycle they wait years or even decades, repeating the same ideas and dreams to infinity

I was intrigued by the idea to translate an article from “Anything You Want” to the brilliant Derek Severs who started his startup without any prior financing

and then sold his company for $ 222 million. Derek’s philosophy is realistic, not just word stuff, and for me Iagree with her even without her knowledge, so I fully agree with her

For example, I completed my higher education without any prior funding, and all the projects – not most – that I worked on and developed, started without any prior funding

I think that the lack of funding puts you in the challenge of looking for funding to prove that the idea is true, and another challenge is to make sure the effectiveness of the idea is practical, and I think this is the best challenge to test the success of an idea rather than spending time dreaming that it is wonderful and beautiful, Only funding is limited

I will leave you now with the translation of the article by Derek Severs with a simple act to clarify the meaning no more, namely: Start now .. No funding needed

Be aware that when someone (even you) says that he wants to do something big but can only raise money for it, it usually means that he likes the idea that he will become very, very rich and very wealthy, rather than doing something useful and useful. He has missed it. The idea must be really useful to make it really big

If you want to be useful, you can always start right away, and do only 1% of your big picture. The beginning will be just a humble initial model of your big vision, but more importantly you will have already started. You’re going to be ahead of others, because you’re actually starting, while others are still waiting to reach their goal magically without actually starting out

For example, let’s say you have a great vision of education, and you want to create a global school chain of modern schools. You imagine it as a huge institution changing the world, involving hundreds of employees, dozens of offices, and expensive technology

But you need a large amount of money to start the opening of the first school, so you are waiting and waiting and maybe forever

What do you think, instead of waiting for this, to actually start. For example, start teaching someone through your modern style something this week. Find someone for free the first time, the second time someone will pay for learning something, meet it anywhere, no need for a place, just start. You will only need to be present, the presence of the student and his or her cowardice, but you will start working, and you can test and develop this work from this point, instead of sitting and waiting

If you love to watch movies passionately, and have an idea you think is great about offering a movie recommendation service, start by telling your friends to contact you for recommendations and ratings. Your winning model is very simple

When you nominate a movie and your friends admire your nomination and rating, they are required to invite you to a drink at their expense. Record what I recommend, how much your friends liked, revise your recommendations based on this, and then convert it to permanent work

Do you want to start a flight line? When you go to the airport the next time you cancel a trip, show everyone at the gate to hire them a small plane that flies them to their destination if they want to divide the cost on them, so Richard Branson started Virgin Airlines

Start a small start, and focus 100% of your energy on solving the real problems of real people. This gives you a stronger foundation to grow from. It eliminates the pressure resulting from being large directly, and accomplishes the required directly. It will also enable you to change your plan immediately, because you work closely with your first customers, who will tell you what they really need

For example, in 1998, Derek Sievers came up with the idea of ​​selling his own vocals. He built his first CD version in a few days. The site had almost no features. He had a few CDs, each with a ” Buy now, “and when you press this button, it will put the CD in your shopping cart and ask you for your mailing address, and once the address and payment information is sent, the CD will send you

That’s all, during the first year this was all the site does, and that’s all I need to make a profit and grow up tremendously afterwards. He spent only $ 500 to start the site, earned $ 300 in the first month, then $ 700 in the second month, then sold his company in 2008 for $ 22 million


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